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Field trip around Boston for MIT’s experimental atmospheric chemistry course

Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry course collage

It’s my fourth year as a TA for our ‘Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry’ undergraduate and graduate course at MIT, and today we have loaded up the department’s van with nitric oxide (NO) and ozone (O3) monitors, a uv radiometer, and three particulate monitors (PM 10, 2.5, and 1.0 um). As part of the ‘Pollution Exposure’ unit, Continue reading

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DEAPS Extreme Weather and Climate 2011

Describing the vegetation at the Alpine Garden

This week I traveled up to Mt. Washington with this year’s EAPS FPOP (Freshman Pre-Orientation Program) Discover Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences: Extreme Weather & Climate. It’s the third time I’ve acted as a TA for the program by heading up the flora and fauna section, or what is now more commonly known as “Flora with Laura.”

The 3 day program is Spotlighted on the PAOC website, Continue reading

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